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Closing Reminder

Online banking fraud is on the rise. 

If you see an email containing 

WIRE Instructions

 call me or your settlement company immediately to verify the information prior to sending any funds. Always confirm wire instructions sent by email.

Dear ________________________,


With settlement approaching I would like to remind you of the following:


WALK-THROUGH INSPECTION has been scheduled for ____________________________________________, _________________________________________. The purpose of this inspection is to make sure the property is in substantially the same condition as the ____________________, and agreed upon repairs per home inspection have been completed.


SETTLEMENT has been scheduled for:

 ___________________________________________, _____________________________________________

 Purchaser                                                                             Purchaser

 ___________________________________________, _____________________________________________

 Seller                                                                                  Seller


The settlement will take place at:





If you need directions, please call them at ____________________. We will all meet at the settlement office.


SATISFY All remaining lender requirements (if any) necessary for final loan approval.  The lender may require original documents in advance.




OBTAIN and provide a policy of hazard insurance –ASAP & acceptable to your lender. The lender may require an original in advance.


BUYERS FUNDS AT SETTLEMENT should be in the form of a Certified, Cashier’s or Bank Check made payable to the settlement company. For the amount, please call the settlement company the before the day of settlement. If they can not provide the amount to you, call your lender for the estimated amount only. If there is an overage, the settlement company will write you a refund check and if additional funds are necessary you can write a small personal check for the difference.


SELLERS PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE will be disbursed after recordation of the transaction at the courthouse. If funds are needed from the seller, they must be in the form of a Certified, Cashier’s or Bank Check made payable to the settlement company. Have your bank’s wiring information available for disbursement. Please call the settlement company if you have questions on disbursements of your proceeds.


UTILITY COMPANIES need to be called ahead by both buyers and sellers to insure there are no service interruptions. This is especially important to avoid a disconnection of service and the resulting re-connection fees that many utility companies charge. Please see the list available at WinnRiley.com.


ALL PARTIES SIGNING AT SETTLEMENT please note to bring your driver’s license to settlement for identification purposes.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call my office at 703-753-9911.

Thank you for your business!




Laura Riley

Top Producer, Associate Broker

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